Sunday, 17 July 2011


Well - you’re probably thinking - this is going to make a fun read !!  

Does my website have a log in ??  Well damn right it does ( you’re saying to yourself) – we can’t just let any old passer by onto our site!!

I mean look at all these big cheeses being hacked like RSA , SONY and even the CIA !!

But if users have to log in - that means they need to register and they need to remember yet another user name and possibly -  but not necessarily - another password.    Well - that means that customers desert in droves !  Or does it?

Are customers put off when they have to log in ?  Well I guess a lot has to do with whether the service you offer is valuable enough.   Lets see – Twitter, Facebook and Gmail just to name a few at random – you would expect to see some kind of ‘identification ‘ process going on.  And indeed you do.  And now to make it all that much easier – SSO (Single Sign On) ,  OpenID and now BrowserID courtesy of Mozilla ( amongst others ) make our lives much easier when accessing these services.   (

Does your service justify such a feature.?   Do you hold personal data,  do you transact,  is yours a mobile app that is personalized ( eg Groupon/Living Social)

More and more websites, corporate applications, mobile applications and cloud applications require that users log in and identity themselves;  and if you are one of them  you should be thinking of all the ways you can to make it as easy as possible. Here’s why .   (

Going forward I believe that users will actually demand that websites provide more in the way of security.   When we leave our personal credentials on websites like Amazon and Apple we expect that the information is kept secure. However recent experience with the likes of SONY and Epsilon have shown that hackers have found these defences to be woefully inadequate.  And now our information is easy game and identity theft is rampant. 

Live Ensure is a security solution that wraps around any form of log-in whether protected with an additional authentication layer or not and provides ‘ Swiss Vault ‘ security against identity theft.   Why not check it out – it may just save your business.  I am sure SONY wished they had !  (

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  1. Does your web service provider has an HSM ?
    If not: then stay away or you will be hacked one day.